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Photo Gallery of the Counseling and Retreat Center

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The Area

In the rolling hills of that quarter of Vermont known as the "Northeast Kingdom" is Cabot, a tiny rural farming community known around the world for its award-winning cheese. Here are a few pictures of the area.

The Helfand Retreat Center and Homestead

Years ago, Israel Helfand decided he would like to eventually live on a farm, as his grandparents had done in New Jersey during the Great Depression. Finally, in 1997 he and Cathie bought a forty acre farm with a run down 1850s house and farm buildings. About half of the land is wooded for their outdoor retreats, and the rest is the counseling center, farm buildings, grazing area, hay fields, and personal gardens. All the buildings have been rebuilt with lumber harvested from their wooded areas.

The Farm

The farm provides most of the meat and vegetables for the family. They raise chickens for their eggs and chicken dinners, and two Black Angus steers, and the hay fields and grazing fields. Of course they have several cats and dogs as would be expected and an occasional deer, bear, or moose wanders by to help itself to some of the farm produce.

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