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About Counseling and Retreats

Sex and the Queen City - by Sarah Tuff in Seven Days Newspaper, October 6, 2010

Tiger Woods scandal: If you wed the wealthy, watch out, experts warn - Celebrity marriages such as Tiger Woods' are rife with temptation, counselors say, By Linda Shrieves' Orlando Sentinel

Tiger Woods scandal prompts question: Why do men cheat? - Sharon Jayson in USA Today Quotes Israel Helfand

The Dangers of a Sexless Marriage - "Nearly 15 to 20 percent of American couples aren't being inimate regularly." Rosemary Black quotes Israel Helfand in QualityHealth.Com

What to Expect from Sex After Divorce - Julie Bogart in Sirens Magazine quotes Israel and Cathie Helfand.

Couples Retreat: Meet Real-Life Love Experts - Scott Mayerowitz on ABC News quotes Israel and Cathie Helfand when comparing the movie to real life couples retreats.

"Stop Trying to Fix Me and Just Let Me Whine" By Nancy Larson: CNN Quotes Israel and Cathie Helfand on learning "active supportive listening".

"Prepare for Liftoff" By Hannah Seligson, Body & More, CTW Features: An Interview with Cathie and Israel Helfand discussing the value and techniques of foreplay.

"An Interview with Israel and Cathie Helfand" Tammi-Lynne Moore and Michael F. Shaughnessy of Eastern New Mexico University, Interview the Helfands about Marriage Quest for, May 16, 2006.

"Stronger Marriages are Not Just a Matter of Chance." Finding comfort and security, dealing with the issues, and increasing the rewards of marriage is an art requiring specific skills," write Israel Helfand, PhD, and Cathie Helfand, MS.

"Sexploration and Sexual Intelligence." While many spouses understand that emotional intimacy can lead to physical intimacy, few realize that the reverse may also be true" write Israel Helfand, PhD, and Cathie Helfand, MS.

"Acting Out the Aggravating Scenes of Life" - The News-Times of Danbury, Connecticut, April 23, 1991, Counselors employ psychodrama to help patients cope with problems.

"Men and Women, Dealing with Each Other" - In The Northeast Recovery Newsletter in 1993 the Helfands wrote, "Although men and women may be raised differently, we can connect on a feeling level. The idea is to open the door to all feelings, and then empathy and compassion will ensue."

About The Helfands

"Helfands Tap into Nature to Awaken and Heal Clients' Souls" - Family Therapy News, February/March 2001 said, "Ever feel like walking out the door of your downtown office and never coming back? Husband and wife team, Israel and Cathie Helfand, did just that. They now practice on an 1850s farm in Vermont, counting campfires and chickens among their therapeutic tools."

"Living, Learning and Loving" - Citizen News of New Fairfield, Connecticut, in 1985, spoke about Israel and Cathie saying, "Both are dynamic individuals who practice what they preach."

About Soul Awakening Retreats

"Men's Quest for Identity Leads to the Woods" - The New York Times, in 1992, said, "in response to a growing demand, [Israel Helfand] has developed programs to help men broaden their perspective about who they are and what they want out of life."

Rites of Passage: Cabot Therapists to offer eco-therapy for Teens - In March, 2000 The Times Argus published an article about Fours Seasons Healing's program for Cabot, Vermont teenagers.

"From Boys to Men: Rediscovering Rites of Passage" - In Voice Male, in 2000, Israel Helfand and Jon Bliss asked, "How does a young person today come of age in our fast-paced, info-overloaded, materialistic, and highly technical American culture?"

About Mens's Issues

"Men Explore the Male Mystique", Valley News

"Becoming a More Effective Father", by Israel Helfand, Ph.D.

"A Child Needs the Emotional Presence of a Father", The News-Times, by Israel Helfand, Ph.D.

"New Focus on Men, Work, and Therapy", Horizons by Israel Helfand, Ph.D.

"Questioning the Values Men Pass on to Their Sons", Torchlight by Israel Helfand, Ph.D.

"What Lies Behind the Anger of Men?", The Northeast Recovery Networker, by Israel Helfand, Ph.D.

Israel Helfand's video tape, Men in the Making with Ari Kopolow, M.D. was made from clips of various talks including their gala event in Westport, Connecticut to over 250 people in 1991. Men in the Making, a 45 minute video on men's issues, including intimacy, purpose, work, and relationships, by Israel and Ari, is no longer available.

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