The Marriage Quest Therapists

Marriage Quest® was founded by Dr Israel and Cathie Helfand in 2003 to fulfill the need of couples wanting fast results for their marriage struggles. Many of the retreats are currently hosted by their son, Dr David Helfand.

image of hands around brain signifying how the Marriage Quest method originated

The Origin of MQ Therapy

The origins of the Marriage Quest process dates back to the early 80’s with Dr Barry Ginsberg and The Relationship Therapy Institute. Israel and Cathie began running couples Marathon Intensives the early 90s, well before other retreat leaders and trainers, like John and Julie Gottman. Their son, Dr David Helfand, has recently joined the practice after successfully running couples therapy retreats for nearly a full decade. Other therapists will join the Marriage Quest Team in the future.

Israel & Cathie Helfand - renowned intensive marriage counseling retreat therapists

Dr Israel & Cathie Helfand


40 years


Marriage Counseling, Sex Therapy, Psychodrama, Trauma Therapy


3-Day Couples Retreats


Cabot, VT

“When marriage is done right, you get to heal your childhood wounds through the marital relationship.”

Dr David Helfand PsyD - couples marriage retreat therapist

Dr David Helfand, PsyD


9 years


Marriage & Sex Therapy, Neurofeedback, Trauma Therapy, Hypnosis, Mindfulness


1-4 Day Couples Retreats, Brain Mapping, Neurofeedback.


St Johnsbury, VT

“My job is to make sure couples are self-sufficient by the time they leave my office.”

Consider A Marriage Counseling Retreat

If you are ready to fix your troubled marriage or relationship, we can help. A private Marriage Counseling Retreat can help you and your partner enhance your marriage by addressing the underlying issues through a compassionate, direct, and effective process.