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Our Marriage Counseling Philosophy

Your marriage deserves to be a priority, and we understand you are putting a lot of trust in us once your marriage is in our hands. The point of a couples therapy retreat is to help you learn a process that you can replicate once you return home. Marriage Quest Retreats have been refined over four decades to provide significant results in a very short period of time.

The reason we have such good success is we focus on teaching you effective couples communication and hold you accountable during sessions. We will also help you discuss issues around sex and intimacy, and learn how to self regulate and manage your emotional triggers. If a childhood wound or life trauma seems to be sabotaging your marriage, we will do some experiential therapy to encourage healing. We get a great deal of work done in a relatively short period of time because we learn just how much to push each of you for your optimal growth. The process is deep, meaningful, and intense.

How Successful Are Retreats?

Research has shown that the overall success of any marriage counseling is about 70 to 90%. This is usually based on couples that have been in therapy for many months or years. We see the same results in about 3 days.

A Marriage Quest couples retreat is like warp speed therapy. Imagine a really good counseling session and all of the benefits that come from it. Now imagine a dozen of back-to-back sessions that are able to build momentum and go deeper because of the luxury of time each day.

Most couples are looking to save their marriage, yet others are looking for relief from their painful situation. They are satisfied if they can separate with grace and dignity knowing that they’ve tried everything and knowing that they will be kind co-parents for their children.

How Do You Define Success During A Couples Counseling Retreat?

While the gold standard of success during a marriage intensive is that the couple is able to reconcile and improve their marriage, there are other useful outcomes.

Some couples are no longer compatible with each other, and it’s in the best interest of their health and happiness as well as their children’s longterm wellbeing for them to separate amicably.

They’ve come to realize that while they may love and care about each other very much, they might not lust each other or even like each other very much. When this is the case, it is bittersweet to decide to lovingly let go and move on, but this is often the best way to find peace and happiness for both individuals.

Why Are Retreats Better?

Traditional marriage counseling often separates the couple so that either the same therapist sees each partner one at a time or the spouses both see two different counselors to deal with marital issues. If your marriage is in crisis, then the marriage must be in therapy.

During your retreat, our focus is on holding both of you accountable to improving the relationship and achieving your goals. We also start meeting with you as a couple from the very beginning of the retreat including the intake process. 

Another benefit of a retreat is the momentum we can create during the multiple hours we meet with you. Many couples have told us how frustrating it is to just start getting to the root of an issue when the therapist tells them their time is up for today.

Israel & Cathie Helfand - renowned intensive marriage counseling retreat therapists
Dr David Helfand PsyD - couples marriage retreat therapist

Your Marriage Therapy Experts

Dr. Israel Helfand and his wife, Cathie Helfand, have worked together as a couple with couples for 40 years. Today they facilitate Marriage Quest and Sexploration retreats at their homestead in rural northern Vermont. Together, they developed the Marriage Quest process with Dr Barry Ginsberg of the Center of Relationship Enhancement and have been running their marriage retreats since 1995. Their son, Dr David Helfand, has recently joined the practice after successfully running couples therapy retreats for nearly a decade. Other therapists will join the Marriage Quest team in the future.

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