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Our Philosophy

Not surprisingly, our most common frustrations, as well as our most precious times, stem from our experiences in relationships with other people. Dealing with the issues, and building up the rewards that come through good relationships, is an art. To some people this comes naturally, but most people really need help to learn the knack of it.

Hope for the Future

  • How can I love you and still be true to me?
  • How can I bring more love and caring into our relationship?
  • How come at times I feel so close, and yet I put out an angry atmosphere?
  • Why can't we seem to communicate?

These are questions that couples ask. We, as marriage counselors and husband and wife, have struggled with these same issues personally and professionally. We know the frustration, fear, anger, and pain that intimacy can bring, as well as the joy and excitement. Our approach is non-judgemental as we guide you in your own self-awareness and teach you the skills of healthy communication, sometimes even focusing more on the process of communication than any specific content area. Truth is always the goal and getting to the truth in a loving way is the most valuable skill.

We can help you explore specific issues, no matter how difficult, as your ability to communicate improves. Our goal is for you to develop as healthy individuals within the relationship, as well as to support the growth and fulfillment of your commitment, whatever that might be. The challenge of any marriage is to balance the need to be an individual with a desire to be "one" with your spouse. With a good sense of self and effective communication skills, a healthy and balanced marriage ensues.

A Healthy Family System

As Marriage and Family Therapists one of our primary goals is to maintain the integrity of your relationship. We maintain objectivity while encouraging mutual respect, as well as self respect. These conditions are even more important for couples with children. Maintaining the integrity of the family system requires getting to the truth. Our job is to empower you to define your relationship. Unlike other programs, we advocate for the marriage but not at any price. We believe that people have the right to be happy and that the most important issue developmentally for children is to have happy parents... whether they remain married, separated, or divorced. It is all about following the truth and doing that with love and respect.

More than half of the couples we work with see us for help in making a decision about their marriage. When asked about our success rate we commonly respond that 100 percent of all the couples we see learn to grow and gain valuable communication tools they can use for the rest of their lives. Even a separation or divorce can be a success when done for the right reasons. Thinking of it as a failure is what keeps people stuck, and is not useful. It unnecessarily negatively affects self-esteem, and is a poor model of relationships to children. Wanting those we care about (our children and spouses) to grow and flourish is central to loving them as well. Only by following the truth can we accomplish such an important goal.

The paradox is when couples let their guard down and go deeper into their thoughts and feelings they often become closer even if their thoughts and feelings are filled with hurt and disappointment. This can be the beginning of the rekindling of the marriage, or the realization of an impending separation. Either way it is a success in the integrity of both individuals and of the family system.

Our Philosophical Orientation is based on the work of many teachers, trainers, and mentors over the years, and is enhanced by our own marriage and life experiences. Predominantly we draw from Family Systems Therapy of Virginia Satir, Differentiation concepts from Murray Bowen, Rational Emotive Therapy from Albert Ellis, Relationship Enhancement from Bernard Gurney and Barry Ginsberg, Psychodrama from J. L. Moreno, and co-dependency work of Sharon Wegscheider-Cruse.

"I have developed a profound and unshakable belief that each human can grow... My search is to learn how to touch it and show it to the persons so they can use it for themselves." Virginia Satir, 1982

We have created an eclectic and unique brand of understanding, approach, and treatment that utilizes family systems and cognitive-behavioral approaches. Spiritual subtleties come from years of studying Maslow, Buber, and Jung. Rites of Passages and the importance of everyday ritual comes from years of being backpacking guides and leading vision quests, also known as Soul Awakenings and our deep connection to Nature. We have lived on a homestead since our children were very young.

What We Do - In our work as Marriage and Family Therapists, we find the hidden triggers that cause conflict, understand the source of your problems, teach you to communicate skillfully, manage your frustrations, and help you to rebuild your relationship. An award-winning study conducted at Purdue University showed Relationship Enhancement (the basis of our communication work) to be by far the most effective of 12 marriage enrichment therapy programs at producing positive changes in couples and families.

We support each individual in understanding their true thoughts and feelings, heal unresolved issues of the past, and create a safe space to discuss the current problems. Our goal is to help you through the crisis at hand and give you a lifetime's worth of interpersonal skills.

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