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Cathie Helfand

Cathie Helfand, MS is a Vermont Registered Psychotherapist with a Masters in Counseling and Human Resources, and with a focus in Marriage and Family Counseling. She brings an expertise to marriage therapy from her extensive graduate training and experience in Relationship Enhancement and Child Therapy.

She has worked with couples and families since 1977, in her marriage counseling work with Israel, and various employments including as an Employee Assistance Program counselor, as a youth and family counselor at Danbury Youth Services, and with the Boy Scouts of America. As an adjunct professor she has taught courses including "Family Therapy" and "Addictions and the Family." Over the years Cathie worked for three different dating services and even started one called "To Life."

Cathie's focus is on helping people make decisions in their lives, and find happiness in their relationships with others. With her husband, Israel Helfand, she is co-therapist for their Marriage Quest marriage retreats, assists with their corporate consultations, and manages the Helfand Retreats office.

To see Cathie's professional resume click here.

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