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Marriage Retreat Aftercare Options

We are always there to help you continue the improvement of your relationship

Many people understand the experience of going away to a workshop and getting all pumped up and excited only to crash upon their return to normal everyday life. The workshop afterglow fades over time like last New Year's resolution to exercise more and eat healthier. Truth is, couples tell us all the time, that this experience is different and what they learn here stays with them as they continue to practice at home and in their every day life. It's that important!

Good Follow-up - We welcome brief emails and/or phone calls (5-10 minutes) with follow-up related questions, comments, or concerns as part of your retreat (at no additional charge.)

One Step Better - Israel offers scheduled thirty minute counseling/coaching sessions by phone to help with transition. He is usually available most mornings. We can discuss fees and timing when we meet.

Best - Some couples, especially those who were on the edge of divorce, find after working through their crisis and strengthening their communication skills they are ready to go another layer deeper. Because the growth in a three day period is substantial and significant, many couples find that scheduling a follow-up retreat is a more efficient use of their time and resources than conventional weekly therapy sessions in their home town. Others go back to their referring therapist or to a new therapist and take advantage of the momentum gained here in their retreat.

"I got even more out of it the second time, or maybe I just understand more now."

Second level participant

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